ITsec Security Services

ITsec is part of Insite Security. ITsec was founded in 1995 as an independent supplier of IT-security related expertise and services. ITsec's reputation primarily comes forth from security-assessments and penetration tests carried out on behalf of banking- and insurance industry, governmental organisations and some major telecom- and professional service organisations. In almost all situations the objective of assessments carried out by ITsec is to determine whether an Internet-based IT-service or application is sufficiently cybercrime-/hacker-proof

Security Assessments

ITsec staff can best be described as ethical hackers. They combine the skills of a hacker with the accuracy of your accountant and the integrity of your notary. Quality and reproducibility form the basis of all of our work. Most ITsec employees are recruited at local institutes of technology and subsequently trained in various IT security domains by ourselves. ITsec can rely on a long standing relation with technical institutes in Alkmaar, Haarlem and Amsterdam, where ITsec participates in IT security-related parts of the curriculum. Promising students are timely scouted and approached for graduation projects within our company.


AVMS is a well-known ITsec service. AVMS, developed early 2001 in cooperation with a major Dutch bank, is an Internet-based vulnerability scanning service. Subscribers to AVMS are periodically informed on the security status of their Internet-facing services through reliable and concise reports containing not only an oversight on potential vulnerabilities, but also recommendations on how to mitigate reported risks. AVMS is backed-up by a professional helpdesk at our Security Operations Centre, available for ad-hoc support in the follow-up of vulnerabilities.

IPv6 research

As there are insufficient IPv4 addresses available, an increasing amount of companies are switching to IPv6. This exposes all kinds of new security threats and requires a new way of security testing.

ITsec collaborated with TNO and other leading Dutch IT security companies in order to produce a research document for testing the security IPv6 implementations. This project is sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Ministerie van Economische Zaken).

The research document can be found here: Testing the security of IPv6 implementations.